Private health insurance exchanges are gaining currency as a way for employers to cut health care costs, reduce their administrative burden and increase the benefit choices they offer to covered employees. The Private Exchange Evaluation Collaborative ("PEEC" or "The Collaborative") is a new initiative that solicits and provides to employers unbiased, comparative information and support on private exchange strategies and purchasing decisions.

Why PEEC is Important

Multiple studies now indicate that U.S. employers are increasingly looking at private exchange options for both active and retired employees. Brokers, consultants, payers and other intermediaries offer private exchanges, but a mix of vested interests is at play among these service providers.

PEEC is the first independent, objective initiative designed to support employers in developing private exchange strategies and evaluating potential choices among exchange vendors.


WEBINAR: What Ever Happened to Private Health Insurance Exchanges?

Tuesday, February 28, 2017, 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM Eastern Time

A couple of years ago, private exchanges were all the rage. Where are they now? You are invited to participate in a PEEC webinar on private health insurance exchanges. This webinar will feature results of the PEEC 3rd Annual Survey and will cover employer views and experiences with private exchanges.

Other questions to be addressed:

  • What have early adopters learned?
  • How have private exchanges evolved?
  • What is next for the private exchange marketplace?
  • Have the exchanges influenced employers to offer more choice outside of moving to an exchange?
  • Could a private exchange still be right for your company?

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